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Clearinghouse Publishers: “Graffiti”

“Graffiti” (2010), issue #8 of “Clearinghouse Publishers” with accompanying letter:

“Dear Subscriber:

Of our 18 original subscribers, you are one of two remaining who submitted materials regarding Issue 7 on time.

Now that we’ve separated the curds from the whey.

This issue requires two tools for its use: an Xacto knife and a can of beige spray paint.

‘Graffiti’ is the tag of Clearinghouse Publishers and its affiliates, who have moved beyond self-expression and self-promotion.

Eternal autumn amongst the cultural leaf litter and compost, of thee we sing.

Take care to deface the serial number of the spray can and dispose of in a public trash can.

Clearinghouse extends its gratitude to those responsible for the elegant and imaginative interpretation of Issue 7.

Avoid apprehension by disguising yourself: we suggest a three-piece suit or power suit with shoulder pads.

Untold, unholy, uncleanly, ungodly, unforeseen, unheard of, underwear-less, holiday on no-pants island.

Gouge out the public eye.

Hernan Cortés wrote in his second letter to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, that “fortune always favors the bold.”

Those who perform and document the use of this issue will continue to receive future issues, one for each tag applied.

Dan Nelson, editor”

[Note: neither of the remaining subscribers seems to have carried out the instructions in this issue.]