Millionaire Propaganda Posters


The series of “Make an Artist a Millionaire” propaganda posters help fund a project to make me a millionaire so that I don’t need a day job and can pursue art full time. See below for juicy details.

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Most of the original series (#1~30) are 13 x 19 in. Of those, about half are available in 11 x 17 in. size. (The larger size will be sent to you unless you request 11 x 17 in.) #35A is 12 x 18 in. All other posters are 11 x 17 in.

All designs are in a limited edition of 10 except: #1 (ed. of 3), #29 / #33 / #34 (ed. of 5), #35 (open with each print being unique), and #5 / #7 which are unique prints in an overall edition of 21 of each number (read text on the posters for details).

All designs are archival ink jet prints on Hahnemule/Ingres, Canson, Strathmore, or handmade papers. #29 also features gold leaf and #1 features acrylic painting. #3, #21, #27, #28, #32~34 feature collage elements.

Shipped either in a plastic sleeve and rolled in a tube, or flat (if materials dictate it can’t be rolled).