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Deeyen Notes


These Deeyen notes are the physical centerpiece of a new, as yet untitled, currency project. They are now available for exchange with US Dollars and are legal tender on the art market.

This is Series A of the currency. All denominations are one-sided prints approximately 3 x 6 in. Each note is hand inscribed by the artist with a unique serial number in the YYMMDDHHMM format stating the year/month/day/hour/minute the note was printed.

The exchange rate of the Deeyen is currently pegged to the Icelandic Krona. DND100 = ISK100. The “price” of the Deeyen note is updated every Monday to reflect the current mid-market rate* of the ISK.

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NOTE: If you are ordering ONLY these notes, please select “First-Class Mail – Stamped Letter: $0.55” as the shipping rate.

DND100 notes are hand linocut prints. DND500 and DND1000 notes are archival inkjet prints. The majority of DND100 and DND500 bills are printed on Hahnemule or Lokta papers.

NOTE: Due to the changing nature of the project, availability of materials, and technological advances in the mint at theDanNelson, please realize that variations in paper and ink color, design features, and slight variations in bill size can be expected. The bill(s) you receive may differ from those shown when purchased. If you wish to have a certain paper/ink combination, please make a request when ordering. Again, we cannot guarantee stock but will fulfill requests as we are able.

NOTE: “Specimen” appears only on the web store images of the notes.

* Mid-market rates derive from the mid-point between the “buy” and “sell” transactional rates from global currency markets. Although transactional rates are not normally available to consumers, I am using this rate for the moment for the sake of simplicity.