Characteristics II


This series demonstrates connections between human and non-human forms by pairing letters of the alphabet or characters, and sometimes tools, with architecture or natural shapes from that alphabet’s country of origin.

Each high gloss 10″ x 10″ print features slightly rounded corners and a float mount hanging bracket that allows it to stand off the wall an inch with no need for a frame.

These prints are an unlimited series.

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The original pieces from 2008 were printed on chrome cardstock and mounted in silver enamel artist frames. “Characteristics II” (2020) takes advantage of aluminum printing technology to present the shapes in a way that’s closer to my original intention, which was to show ancient, primordial, and organic forms on a thin, strong material that has a luminescent and almost glowing, ethereal quality.

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Weight8 oz
Dimensions14 × 11 × 2 in

F, Xi, 3 Wong, Æ, Cho, Keheh, Keheh Reverse, L, M, Oo, R, Rhinoplane, Sawwolf