Artist & Author


I was born in 1972 in Massachusetts, lived there until 1980, then moved to Pennsylvania until the end of high school. Musical and artistic from an early age, I started playing drums and bass at age 12 and got into photography shortly after, as well as writing love poems to girls.

Creative work was pursued sporadically through my twenties while going to college for liberal arts (applied to the wrong art schools and didn’t get it–blessing?) and taking a few years to sail about the world (halfway around.) Came back on land and worked as a newspaper photographer for three years, shooting bands and playing experimental music on my time off. Moved to California in 2002 to start a band, and there eventually developed a visual art practice. My book “All Known Metal Bands” was published by McSweeney’s in 2008. Lived in Portland for a few years, making music and getting deeper into conceptual art.

I’m a multimedia artist, musician, and writer who explores music, language, and symbols to experiment in communication and perception and explore the behavior of culture in the social realm. I currently live in Oakland, California.