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Fake Damien Hirst Spot Painting

Clock in my head / Clock on the wall /…

I.S. Consultant Dan Nelson


Imperial Services Office

Founder Eugene Guarnieri


Read a Poem to a Client Over the Phone

Menu of Services

Imperial Services Logo and Tagline


Summary 3

Summary 2

Summary 1

Company Culture

Please Hold

“Work Produce Consume Pollute” t-shirt by Custom Flotilla

Make An Artist A Millionaire: 400 to 1: Sanford Weill

Make An Artist A Millionaire: 400 to 1: John Glen…

Make An Artist A Millionaire: 400 to 1: Anne Cox…

“The Corporation” Announcement

This Clock Will Never…

Superstar CEO

Hard-Working Team Player

Dedicated Self-Starter


Goldman Sachs

Marketing Guru

Social Media Rockstar 1

Content Creator

Adds Value

“The Corporation” installation view

“The Corporation” installation view

Moving on to New Opportunities

Here to Help

Meeting 2

Head Start

Materials Mockup for an Analog Stress Self-Reduction Chamber (Screaming Booth)

“The Corporation” book



Body Double

Drawers Out

Form Factor

Getting to Yes


Early Imperial Services Business Card

Clearinghouse Publishers: “Official”

Clearinghouse Publishers: “Official” cover