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Your Name Here

If you had a band, what would you call it? Have you ever wanted to start a band just because you thought of an awesome name? “Your Name Here” is an interactive multiple authorship project where anyone can contribute band names of their own invention, as well as album titles, song titles, genres, and more for their bands. The project began as an insanely ambitious attempt to top my book “All Known Metal Bands,” (2008) which has 51,000 real band names. YNH continues the exploration of the linguistic and psychological process of creating names.

Phase 1 of “Your Name Here” launched informally in 2009 by sitting around with friends and making lists of names in notebooks, and has since had contributions from hundreds of clever people worldwide. “Your Name Here, Vol. 1” became a 5.5 hour video of the first 6,500 names displayed movie credit style.

Contribute band names, album and song titles, cover art, etc. to thedannelson[at]protonmail[dot]com. Buy the artist book here.