What Is Your Escape? (2020-ongoing)

In 2019 I had an idea to ask people “What is your escape?” In 2020 I invited them to respond in some way on vintage hotel/airline stationery, which is a powerful forum for letting the mind inhabit another place (or time). There’d be no limitation in form, content, or style. I plan to make a book of these once the stationery supply is exhausted, the letters are varied and surprising so far.

Wish list of letter-writers: Rashid Johnson, Lenka Clayton, Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller, Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Schalansky, Leila Weefur, Isaac Julien, Sigrid Nunez, Mel Chin, Aaron Gach, Stefan Jecusco, Morgan Bassichis, David Weiss (of Fischli & Weiss), Ed Ruscha, Gotz Spielmann, Hito Steyerl, Trevor Paglen, Francis Alÿs, Glenn Ligon, Liam Gillick, Mike Scheidt, Theaster Gates, Bernadette Mayer, Asmus Tietchens, Michael Rother, Irmin Schmidt, Kali Malone, Laurie Spiegel, Christian Petzold, and others. If you know any of these folks, have them call me! YOU should call me too.

Escape: Beth Lisick

Escape: Nina Katchadourian

Escape: Geoff Soule

Escape: Ian Deaderick

Escape: Joshua Michele Ross

Escape Envelope