Miniatures (2014)

The “Miniatures” series continued my interaction with the songs of Franz Schubert, which began with the “24 Illustrations for ‘Winterreise’“, while introducing the full color spectrum and trying an approach that focused more on the weaving of different themes in his music and less on responding strictly to individual songs. Like much of my other work, these drawings show an interest in translating elements from one medium, like music, into those of visual art, and in isolating the several parts of an experience or narrative. While things like rhythm correspond more directly between sight and sound, looking at the different ways that thematic motifs, tone color and texture manifest allowed me to think musically about drawing.

Erlafsee [Lake Erlaf]

Erlkönig [Erl King]

Sehnsucht [Longing] v2


Der Alpenjäger [The Alpine Hunter]

Der Jungling Am Bache [The Youth at the Stream]

Der Sänger [The Singer]

Ein Leichenfantasie [A Funeral Fantasy]


Der Taucher [The Diver]

Erwartung [Expectation]


Gruppe aus dem Tartarus [Group in Tartarus]

Rastlose Liebe [Restless Love]

Sehnsucht [Longing] v1

Der Vatermörder [The Father Killer]

Nachtstuck [Night Piece]

untitled Miniature 1 (2015)

untitled 2 (2015)

untitled 3 (2015)

untitled 2 (2019)