Imperial Services (ongoing)

This collaborative work in progress addresses my ultimate goal as a working person, whether in a day job or as an artist: getting paid for ideas. Its origin goes back almost 30 years. Having no resume after a few years spent sailing after college, I resorted to temping at companies like Union Carbide and IBM. The latter was gearing up for the terrifying cataclysm that was to become Y2K. Because there was so much work to be done on that front, including wandering around the vast building with a clipboard, stepping into certain offices and conference rooms to–no joke–count and document the number and types of electrical outlets, I ended building my first website–on the clock. I concocted a faux-corporation called Imperial Services, whose mission statement remains in development to this day, though its dual function as corporate parody and semi-legitimate consulting firm was fairly clear from inception.

One idea that came up often in conversation with Imperial Services contributors/participants is that of consulting, of many services offering something deeper behind the stated service, something psychological or aesthetic or sociological, or all three, and the idea that art could be a kind of consulting in that it could provide the same services in a professionalized package.

“Imperial Services”

Clearinghouse Publishers: “Official” cover

Clearinghouse Publishers: “Official”