Artist & Author

Imperial Services

Imperial Services is a consulting firm that offers Art As a Service (AAAS), including but not limited to experiences, performances, and commissioned objects, to clients for a fee. Although not itself a work of art or an art project, Imperial Services is an art platform that embodies the idea that aesthetic and perceptual shifts can be delivered not just through objects but in experiences. Clients are invited to “Envision the Life You Wish”.

The firm exists as a hierarchy-free group of consultants who work together in a horizontal management structure that is continually refined by its members. Operating without fixed offices in many cases, and distributed throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, members manage their own cells as well as referring clients to member consultants in other areas, depending on the service needed.

The Bay Area presence of the consulting group was launched by consultants Dan Nelson, Lexa Walsh, and Brooke Hardy at a temporary office located at ProArts Gallery in Nov. and Dec. 2019.